For my current body of work I have been exploring textiles and natural dyes. Generally speaking I prefer to allow a piece to follow its own route to finalisation. I often begin with a drawing or series of drawings, these are generally very loose and act purely as a reference point.

I then source fabric...hand me down garments, oppurtunity shop finds, even the shirt off my back, then its into the street or the bush to source plant materials for the dye baths.

When I feel I have enough material I spend a day or two creating colour on the fabric, often leaving the cloth and plants to mingle for weeks on end. Its then a matter of stitching, sewing, swearing and re-sewing!


My studio space is like a home away from home. A place to imagine and create, to read, to draw, to play. Somewhere to store and display the bizarre array of things that inspire me and of course to make work. Often I do a lot of the more delicate processes within the studio and carry out the messy activities (such as fabric dyeing and painting) outdoors. Green tea and good music are a must in the studio.

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